A new Drive is hitting the Fairway this year

Legends VIP wants to invite all of our special VIP clients to the musical treat of the summer 2021!


Blues Night

The Legends VIP Garden Summer series is an homage to the great tradition of picnic concerts in London’s Hyde Park which kicked off with a concert by Pink Floyd on June 29th, 1968, and has since presented highlights such as, The Rolling Stones, Queen, Pavarotti, Live 8, Elton John and many many more.

We at Legends VIP love music, and the history behind it.

Nothing feels better than to experience and feel the excitement of listening to your favorite hits with your favorite artist in an intimate setting.

Legends VIP is dedicated to bring you the most celebrated stars and their biggest songs, so you can go on a trip with us, back on music memory lane.

Relax under the night skies on one of the most beautiful islands in the world, while being entertained by legendary artists.

Attend our 2nd annual Garden Summer Picnic with the most popular international artists coming to Mallorca!

The picnic concert will be strictly limited to a small and exclusive crowd only!

You will be able to enjoy this very intimate and private performance by this superstar on your picnic blanket, along with a selected picnic basket of your choice.

Pick your favorite category today and be part of this once in a lifetime concert highlight!

Music in the middle of Paradise

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